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How to Clean Bamboo Flooring With No Issue

Bamboo makes a high-quality floor that should last for years and provide you with a durable and resistant flooring option. However, you need to know how to clean these floors properly to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes. Thankfully, you can clean bamboo flooring in Cedar Rapids, Iowa reasonably quickly if you are diligent and don’t wait too long between spills or other issues.

Always Clean Spills Right away

Bamboo flooring is designed to be quite resistant to most stains and shouldn’t become too damaged over the years. However, there is always the chance that you might leave a spill and let your floor get stained. This problem is particular to bamboo because of its unique texture. Although the stain should be quite easy to clean, you still shouldn’t let it sit for too long.

As a result, you need to clean a spill the moment it happens to get rid of any liquid that may absorb into its surface. You don’t have to use any unique cleaning tools for this process. A good old paper towel or cloth towel should be good enough. Make sure to wipe away the surface the moment the spill happens to minimize any potential concern. Thankfully, this shouldn’t be too hard to do.

You may want to use a pH-neutral wood cleaner if the spill seems to linger on the surface after you wipe it up. These cleaners should be available in most flooring shops or even a supermarket. Look on the bottle to find the label for a pH-balanced option. This choice is best because other types may be too acidic or have too much alkaline and cause damage to your floor.

Sweeping Helps Out a Lot

The best way to keep your floors durable and protected against dirt is to sweep regularly. Sweeping helps to eliminate dirt buildup and prevents issues that may otherwise impact your flooring. Pay particular attention to areas that get a lot of traffic. These include hallways and living rooms. However, you should still sweep every area in your home with bamboo floors.

Remember: when you clean your bamboo flooring, always use a pH-neutral wood cleaner. You should mop up a little after you sweep to get rid of any dirt or debris that you missed. You don’t need to mop that often to get good effects. You should be able to wipe only once a week to keep your floors clean. But you should probably sweep your bamboo daily to keep it free from dirt.

Make sure, as well, that you always sweep and mop in the same direction as the grain when cleaning bamboo floors. If you sweep against the grain, you may work dust and dirt into the flooring in an unexpected way. This problem is one that many people run into when they try to clean any wood floor. So don’t make this common mistake but, instead, work to keep your floor as secure as possible.

Hand Scrubbing May Help

Although you may not want to get on your hands and knees to clean your floor, you probably should from time to time. Bamboo flooring is particularly benefited from this option. For example, you can get down and clean hard-to-reach areas that may otherwise be impossible to hit with a brush or a broom. Then, you can clean up any damaged spots that you might not see if you weren’t looking carefully.

This option is also a good choice if you plan on cleaning your floors with various types of cleaners. Rather than wildly spreading these cleaners across the surface of your floor, you can use a small amount on a rag that you scrub on the surface of your floor. Many people prefer this choice when working with bamboo because it often makes it easier to focus on stains that they can’t otherwise reach.

You may struggle to do some hand cleaning if you have a bad back or weak knees. As a result, you should probably wear a brace and some knee pads whenever you get down to clean. This step is a wise one because it can ensure that you don’t end up causing yourself too much body injury while you clean. While you may also want to hire somebody to clean up your floors for you, this step will cost you more money.
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Steps to Avoid With Bamboo Floors

Although bamboo is a durable and robust flooring option, it does have limitations when it comes to cleaning. For example, vacuums are a no-go for cleaning these floors. Vacuums are usually too heavy and bulky and may cause scratches and dents as you pull them across the floor. While you may have a special fitting that makes them compatible with wood floors, you should pass on vacuums.

You should also avoid using too much water if you plan on mopping up your floor. A damp mop with a pH-neutral cleaning is a great way to break apart many stains and get your floor clean. However, excessive water may soak into the wood surface and cause swelling and damage. This problem is familiar with all wooden floors and shouldn’t be considered unique to bamboo, though.

Just as importantly, you should also avoid tools like steam mops, as they will warp and distort any wooden floors. You should also avoid furniture polish or wax on any wood floors. If you avoid these standard cleaning techniques, you can keep your bamboo flooring as secure as possible for years to come. And you can make sure that they look great at the same time, which may save you money as well.

Don’t Forget Professional Help

So if you need help cleaning your bamboo flooring in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, please contact us at RIC Flooring right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience working with floors and fully understand how to clean bamboo easily and quickly. We can also install this type of floor and provide maintenance that keeps it durable and resistant to damage.