Yes. Any vinyl, whether sheet, luxury vinyl tile, and luxury vinyl plank, which are forms of luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), are great for radiant heat. Radiant underfloor heating systems diffuse heat using a kind of convection method. Unlike radiators, which are known for their "cold spots," as well as their propensity for heat escape, these systems heat evenly and help to save on energy costs.

What makes a flooring compatible with radiant heat?

Much of it depends on the floor's thickness as well as its ability to conduct heat. As a result, it cannot move to adjust to temperatures, nor can it be damaged by water or heat. That rules out solid hardwood and, while any wood is a poor thermal conductor, engineered hardwood fares slightly better than solid hardwood since it's more stable. Carpets are also not a good choice.

Both vinyl plank, LVP, and luxury tile, LVT, are of the proper thickness and are waterproof. People especially like the plank/radiant heat combo for the bathroom since they can still get the look of wood in that wet space, and let's face it, no one wants to step out of the shower onto a cold floor.

Other good choices include:

Tile, which is thin, waterproof, and has excellent heat transfer abilities. Laminate is also a good choice and, while you'll often hear us say that thicker is better, a thin surface may be better if you have radiant heat. It can feel warmer underfoot, especially when there's an underlayment, so you may want to save the radiant heat for ultra-cold rooms.

Note: Be sure to check the manufacturer's installation instructions for maximum heat; usually, it's 80 to 85 degrees F, but all floors are different. Also, keep in mind that there are two kinds of radiant heating systems, one water and the other electrical.

If you have radiant heating, or if you plan to get one of these systems, come in, and we can tell you in detail why some flooring, such as luxury vinyl, is ideal. The RIC Flooring showroom is in Marion, IA, convenient to Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, Iowa City, and Waterloo. We also provide free luxury vinyl flooring quotes.