Families throughout the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, North Liberty areas, know the many joys that come with children and pets. There are all those fun and exciting activities in and out of your home. And of course, you also know the wear and tear placed on your home, especially your flooring surfaces.

If you are facing the task of replacing old, worn-out floors, you might feel like this is a daunting and often confusing task. And of course, choosing flooring comes with a bit of frustration as you make your choices. You realize it’s easy to update other areas of your home — You can repaint walls, add accessories and even replace furniture more easily than replacing an entire floor. This can also be a costly project.

Additionally, if you have a busy and active family, you are looking for lifeproof flooring styles and types to replace your old, worn-out floor covering. You are looking for kid proof flooring and even pet friendly flooring.

Lifeproof Flooring to Stand the Test of Time

Choosing new home flooring can be fun; however, families with both children and pets know that it’s an important decision that includes many different considerations such as:

  • Which flooring can stand up to pet’s claws
  • What is the best flooring for a playroom?
  • What type of flooring will stand up best in the living room?
  • What flooring is best in high traffic areas?

We here at RIC Flooring have brought together a look at some of the best types of lifeproof flooring to help you make the best decision for your family’s home.

Best Flooring Types for Families

When making decisions about new flooring, there are several pros and cons to consider. For instance, are you replacing flooring to welcome a new child or pet? The following are a few considerations you might want to think about during your decision-making process:

  • Look/Appearance — Does the flooring have a look that you like?
  • Comfort — Will the flooring be welcoming to kids and/or pets?
  • Durability — Can the lifeproof flooring choice stand up to time or will it need to be replaced too soon? Will it stand up to spills, pets’ claws, or even toys?
  • Maintenance — How much work will it take to keep the appearance satisfactory?

Kid Friendly Flooring Considerations

Kid friendly and pet friendly flooring
considerations need to be hardwearing and of course, easy to maintain. Lifeproof flooring for families need the ability to withstand mess spills, soil, and wear and tear. They must also be safe and comfortable. So you’ll want to look for hypoallergenic and eco-friendly flooring to keep your air safe and sound for the entire family.

Pet Friendly Flooring Aspects

Families with pets know the wonderful aspects that pets bring to the home, such as love and big cuddles. Unfortunately, many pets also bring mud, water, and floor scratches inside so it’s important to choose pet-friendly flooring that can withstand those not-so-nice pet activities.

Busy families in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and North Liberty know that all these factors are important. Here are some of our favorite choices for lifeproof flooring that can provide kid proof and pet friendly flooring.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has advanced through the decades. It is now available in tiles, planks and sheets and can be considered a luxurious option to fit the requirements of lifeproof flooring. It is also very affordable, and is easy to maintain. Often, just a quick wipe down with a damp mop keeps these floors clean, perfect for busy families. It also comes in a variety of looks, including marble, slate, wood and many others.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great lifeproof flooring option. It provides a natural look at a more affordable cost than regular, traditional hardwood or stone. This type of flooring is kid-proof and pet friendly as it is very resistant to dents and scratches.

Laminate flooring is also low maintenance and water-resistant to stand up to both children and pets, making it very family friendly.

Hardwood Flooring

Traditional hardwood flooring is a great lifeproof flooring choice for those who don’t want to spend the time required to keep carpets completely clean. Hardwood flooring also offers a cozy and charming look to the home, as well as being a great way to add resale value. While it is more expensive than laminate or vinyl, it is considered a sound investment.

Tile Flooring

Tile can give a room an upscale feel as it blends in with both modern and traditional designs and decors. Tile flooring is available in a large variety of patterns and colors, so you are sure to find this type of lifeproof flooring perfect for your home. Customization of tile flooring through the use of colored grout can add a different look to your kid friendly floor. Additionally, tile is extremely easy to maintain so it also brings a true pet friendly aspect to your home.

RIC Flooring has a large showroom in Cedar Rapids, IA, offering plenty of different lifeproof, kid proof and pet friendly flooring options. We invite you to visit us find out how we can serve your flooring needs.

When you visit our showroom, one of our flooring professionals can help you choose the best lifeproof flooring for your entire home.

We look forward to serving you.