If you have hardwood floors, you know that their appearance is perhaps the most important feature. Hardwood floors offer warmth and glow and you want to keep their luster and shine to help accentuate the overall look and feel of the room.

A floor that needs resurfacing will still look very uninviting if you just put a coat of stain and lacquer on top. Another alternative to resurfacing is to put hardwood laminate flooring on top of the existing wood planks, which is another do-it-yourself project.

The condition of your hardwood floor has a major impact on the overall look of your room. Use these tips to decide if resurfacing or refinishing hardwood floors is the solution that will help restore your home to its original beauty and splendor.

RIC Flooring offers all types of services for refinishing hardwood floors, as well as more in-depth resurfacing hardwood floors.

Dust and dirt are the foremost culprits of making your wood floors look dull. Dust and dirt that is tracked across your floors can leave behind superficial (or deeper) scratches that will dull that gorgeous surface. Before considering resurfacing hardwood floors in your home, you might just start with a good deep clean. Just follow these easy steps:

Sweep your floors with a soft bristle broom. Stiff bristles can scratch the surface. Then use a vacuum to remove the dirt in hard to reach areas such as the corners and between the floorboards.

Then use a mop with a micro-cloth and a cleaner made specifically for hardwood floors.

These steps should keep your hardwood floors looking great. However, you may need deeper cleaning and refinishing and/or resurfacing. Let’s look at some of the facts about those processes.

What’s the Difference Between Resurfacing and Refinishing?

You will often hear the terms “resurfacing” and “refinishing” used interchangeably; however, there are some differences:

Refinishing hardwood floors involves sanding the first layer off of the floor, then putting a new topcoat onto the wood. The process involves sanding and applying stain and lacquer to the floor.

Resurfacing hardwood floors is more detailed than simply adding a new wood top coat. This process can involve removal of floorboards, sanding down any uneven slats or boards, and even reinforcing the flooring with new nails. This can be a daunting DIY project, as it requires specialized equipment and tools.

Resurface or Refinish?

Refinishing hardwood floors is best if the floor only has superficial marks and slight discoloration, and the planks are still even and smooth. This means that your floor will only need a light sanding and a few coats of stain and lacquer.

If you have any of the following, you will probably need to resurface your hardwood floors:

  • Bent or warped floorboards are noticeably
  • Missing nails within the floorboards
  • Water damage/rot within the planks
  • Planks still have an unattractive or uneven color even after being sanded.
  • Missing or cracked wooden planks
  • There are holes in some of the wood

Generally, it will usually be less expensive to refinish hardwood flooring, rather than resurface it. However, refinishing may not be able to restore it to its original luster and appearance. You do need to think about the fact that even the cost of resurfacing hardwood floors is less expensive than replacing the entire floor.

Why You Should Hire the Professionals From RIC Flooring

Whether you are considering resurfacing or refinishing it is best to have professionals perform the job. Sure, you want to save a few bucks, but should something go wrong, you’ll end up pay more in the end. And it’s quite possible you do not have the proper tools and equipment to do the job correctly.

Sure you can rent that sander, but those rentals are not as exacting and professional as those used by the staff at RIC Flooring. We have invested in and maintained all of our equipment so that we can provide the very best services whether you want to refinish or resurface your hardwood floors.

Additionally, our staff knows the proper methods of sanding, repairing, and applying coatings. We often see DIY projects where the sanding has caused chips and dents, or the varnish or stain is blotchy and/or peeling.

And finally, think of the time investment and the mess. It will take you longer to redo your floors than it would a professional. Our crews at RIC Flooring understand that you want to be able to use your new floors as soon as possible. Our trained crews can do what can take you days and days in far less time.

We want to ensure that you have the very best looking floors, so whether you want to have our professionals perform resurfacing of hardwood floors or refinishing of hardwood floors in your home, rest assured your floors will look stunning.

RIC Flooring has a large showroom in Cedar Rapids, IA; however, we offer our services throughout the areas of Cedar Rapids, Marion, Iowa City, and North Liberty. Please call us so we can help you with your hardwood flooring refinishing or resurfacing needs.

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