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Tile flooring allows many options

Homeowners today require a great deal of variety in their flooring, especially if they have a large home, and tile flooring can be the answer in every single space. If you’ve never experienced this material yourself, it’s going to be well worth pausing to find out more about how it can work for you.

These floors offer immense design options, which help you create a beautiful space, but it also gives you options for durability that will lend to its average 50-year life span. From room to room, you’ll see why homeowners turn to tile for all their spaces.

What you have to look forward to in tile flooring

You have several options in tile flooring, but the most popular by far are ceramic and porcelain tile. These are made with all-natural materials and fired in extremely hot kilns to produce hard, dense, water-resistant materials that are at home in any space. Bathrooms, foyers, and kitchens may see the most significant benefit, as it provides excellent relief from worry about water damage.

These floors are very durable, often used in commercial locations, because they stand up so well under heavy foot traffic. With these floors in place, you’ll see fewer scuffs, scratches, and stains, as well as minimal fading, even over time. What’s more, these materials naturally repel mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, making them perfect in any space where health and cleanliness are a crucial issue.

Designers love working with tile, as there are unlimited opportunities for creating spectacular rooms. From the all-natural look of unglazed porcelain to the brightly color ceramic tiles, covered in a liquid glass glaze, the color options are nearly endless.

When you consider that you can also take the variety of formats available and then tailor them with custom cuts for shape and size, you’ll be ready to get your flooring project underway.

Find the best tile floors in our stores

When you visit RIC Flooring at our Cedar Rapids, IA showroom, or our flooring ourtlet in Marion, IA, you’ll find excellent products, beneficial services, and trustworthy associates who work hard to make sure your flooring experience is the best. We are always ready to serve our customers.

If you are in the areas of Marion, Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, Iowa City, and Waterloo, we encourage you to stop by at your convenience. Our professional flooring team will be standing by to get right to work on your flooring project, no matter its size. We look forward to working with you soon.

Why You May Want Porcelain Tile Flooring in Homes You Are Flipping

Vinyl floors are quite durable and should last for years if you are smart about your installation and maintenance. However, some may wear out if you don’t pay attention to this facet and let them get old and beaten up. Thankfully, the following tips help maintain vinyl flooring in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Pay particular attention to the ones that require cleaning, as they can keep your floors stronger for longer and often take a little more work.

Resistant to Many Wear and Tear Problems

When you are trying to flip a house, you want to make sure that it is as strong as possible and able to resist many types of damage. As a result, you need to install flooring that you know your potential buyers will want. One of the best of these types is porcelain tile flooring. This option has become very popular with home flippers for a number of reasons, many of which are related to damage resistance.

For example, porcelain has fewer air pockets inside of its construction. These air pockets compromise other flooring options and make them less strong. As porcelain is denser, it resists wear and tear more easily. As a result, you can have porcelain in your home for decades without doing significant upgrades. Homeowners appreciate that benefit and actively seek it out for their home.

This benefit also makes porcelain a great choice if you are building apartment buildings or any offices in your area. Porcelain will be among the strongest type of materials for these areas and will keep your buildings from wearing down. As a result, you can probably charge a little more rent or expect more when you try to sell them to others. This benefit is huge for real estate experts like you.
Ceramic tile flooring in Iowa City, IA from RIC Flooring

Little Maintenance Need

How often have you installed flooring in a home you are flipping only to discover that it needs frequent maintenance? This problem is one that often affects many real estate experts. Flooring is designed to last for years but some types are better than others. And you want to make sure that you get floor tiles that have minimal maintenance needs. Homeowners rent out homes that don’t demand a lot from them with their maintenance.

Homeowners often seek out homes that have lower maintenance needs because they want to spend less time and money working on keeping their home in great shape. That’s just one reason why they love porcelain so much. Knowing that they don’t have to upgrade the look and style of their flooring for years at a time helps to ensure that they feel comfortable with their home needs. Just as importantly, it ultimately saves them money by making maintenance less necessary for their home.

So when installing porcelain tile flooring, you need to pay attention to factors like these. You should also note how much the tile costs versus how much value it adds to your home. This element can be surprisingly complex and may be hard for some people to figure out without help. Talk to your porcelain installation expert to figure out more about added home value.

Handsome and Hard-to-Beat Style

Beyond their structural integrity and overall maintenance ease, porcelain tile flooring are also among the most attractive. Simply put, they create one of the most beautiful flooring styles available on the market today. A large number of people look to porcelain for their homes for this very reason. As a result, you can increase the value of your flipped homes and create a better profit margin for your needs.

This kind of aesthetic improvement is critical for the overall style and beauty of your home. And if you don’t think that matters, you are mistaken. Many people focus heavily on the look and style of their homes and need them to be as beautiful as possible. Thankfully, you can upgrade your home’s look in this way to not only make it easier to sell but to make more money at the same time while you do it.

Make sure, however, that you also pay attention to other elements of the floor to further enhance your home’s look and structural integrity. For example, a good floor should also have underlayment that is strong enough to resist many types of damage. You should also pay attention to the various design elements throughout your house to make sure that they properly match and look as great as possible.
Ceramic tile flooring in Iowa City, IA from RIC Flooring

Drawbacks to Consider

While porcelain tile flooring has many advantages that make it worth your consideration, there are a few drawbacks that you need to keep in mind. These do not outweigh the benefits of this flooring option – far from it. Porcelain is still an excellent choice for homes that you are flipping. However, there are a few considerations that you need to make to ensure that you get the best results possible.

For example, porcelain is often harder to install than some types of flooring, which means you shouldn’t try to handle this step on your own. Unfortunately, its weight and density makes it heavy and hard to handle. Thankfully, professionals should be able to handle this issue without any difficulty. While it might cost a little more, it will ultimately end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Porcelain is also a little more expensive and is usually harder to repair than other types of flooring tiles. As a result, you need to make sure that you always contact experts to do these repairs for you. Instead of trying to handle this process on your own, let them do it for you. It’s more than worth it.

Let Us Help You

So if you’re looking to get the best porcelain tile flooring Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer, please contact us at RIC Flooring right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience working with individuals like you. We can set you up with a large number of different flooring styles that can enhance the structure of your home and make it easier to keep your home strong.